photo credits: John Atherton

Among young people who leave the African continent, there are not only poor and illiterate people fleeing extreme poverty. There are also many professionally competent, highly educated persons who choose to leave or not to return after graduation. Some of them are even ready to face the dangers of irregular travel to reach the nations they consider more able to give a value to their abilities.

It is not unusual that among the migrants who risk their lives to cross the desert and the sea there are young graduates, professionals and highly skilled workers and craftsmen. A real human wealth that leaves the continent.

Some others have made the opposite choice. They decided to stay or return to Africa and build their future in the midst of their people. "Africa despite all these problems and all its difficulties, offers many opportunities for those who can recognize end catch them" - say some.

They are young innovative technicians, curious, creative, bold, brave entrepreneurs. Some of them started from nothing, the others with a big ideas and a little capital. Young African creative entrepreneurs make the headlines. Their stories say that there is hope in Africa. You just need to believe in it very strong.

Most of economic and financial activities of the continent are commercial and speculative that often contribute to the impoverishment of the territory. The export is mainly of raw materials, whose overproduction is devastating the natural and social equilibrium of the continent, and which are sold at very low prices on the international market. In exchange the Import from abroad to the African market is made manly of finished products, paid a high price, thus aggravating the poverty and dependence of the continent.

But in recent years there is also a willingness to wake up the continent of its torpor. More and more young people refuse resignation and are coming up with innovative ideas that contribute to the economic revival of Africa. Young inventors, innovative and courageous entrepreneurs, artists, activists who launch socially useful initiatives, young people who invent useful and profitable business from little .... In this site in the coming weeks we will tell you about some of them, the most famous, those whose activities have been echoed in the media or have won awards and contests.

In this section entitled "They chose to stay," we tell you about Verona Mankou and the first African tablet (Congo - Brazzaville), Winnifred Selby and her bamboo bicycles (Ghana), Sam Kodo and the dream of a computer for everyone (Togo), Billikiss Adebiyi the queen of "garbage" in Lagos. (Nigeria), Lorna Rutto which manufactures sustainable and environmentally friendly fences (Kenya), Evans Wading an engineer who designed a solar LED lantern that is changing the lives of farmers (Kenya), Cosmas Ochieng an entrepreneur producing biofuels and environmentally friendly fertilizer (Kenya) e Andrew Mupuya who with a capital of $ 18 has launched a company that employs 15 persons (Uganda).

But the list is far from being exhaustive and the number of innovative and courageous young Africans is difficult to know exactly. We, from our part, we will try to tell you about those we had to know.