Credits: ANSAmed

Some of the 261 refugees who reached the Puglia port city of Bari on Sunday, December 11, were in poor health and needed to be hospitalized.

A nurse on board migrant-rescue vessel Humanity 1 said a few passengers rescued off Libya's coast were in "terrible medical conditions".

Two unaccompanied teen sisters hospitalized due to dehydration "Four adults" were hospitalized at the Policlinico hospital in Bari while the local pediatric hospital Giovanni XXII is treating "two unaccompanied sisters aged 11 and 15 who were strongly dehydrated and anemic, then a 15-year-old boy with scabies, a two-year-old with severe bronchitis and another of the same age for injuries and other problems. The last two patients were hospitalized with their mothers", the local health authority said.

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