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A University of Glasgow student is using maths and computing skills to train young scientists in Africa to help “push the frontiers of knowledge in science and technology”. Sofiat Olaosebikan has set up an initiative to teach and empower them with the skills they need to drive innovative research in Africa.

“There are lots of problems in Africa that need to be solved,” said Olaosebikan, a PhD computing science student at the College of Science and Engineering. “My goal is to raise an army of intellectuals that are going to contribute to the development of Africa.I want to empower young scientists in Africa with the skills to help them bridge the gap between their pre-existing knowledge and real-world scientific problems."

“I believe that this will help them grow to become innovate thinkers who will push Africa forward on the frontiers of science and technology. I am a good example of one such African scientist who was empowered by the opportunities I have been given. This initiative was born out of a strong desire to give back to the community by helping other young scientists in Africa and show them what is possible.”

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