"Of seven boats only three succeed, the other died"

The story of Bright

Bright, 26 years old. He says: “Of the seven boats we were put on, only three succeed, the other died.” He asks: How can you allow your brother to come and live what we lived in the sea?

"He wanted to shoot me"

The story of Jessica

Jessica is 21. She is a young woman from Equatorial Africa. Like many others, she sought to reach Europe via Libya. But in the north African country she has lived through hell. Jessica tells an episode of this ordeal.



Fighting Human Trafficking in Nigeria through Awareness Raising

Credits: IOM 2017   In 2017, Promise hopped on a boat crammed with 60 other passengers headed to Italy. Soon after reaching Italian shores, the promise of a job at a hair salon vanished, and she was forced into prostitution instead. The Nigerian woman was forced to work for 12 hours at a time in 40-degree heat […]


Nigeria launches app to fight human trafficking

Credits: CNN   Nigeria’s anti-trafficking agency has launched an app called iReport that allows people to report cases of human trafficking in the country. Using the app, citizens can alert local authorities on human trafficking incidents, the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) said in a statement.   Nigeria is top […]


How I escaped sex trafficking in Italy: Nigerian lady honoured by U.S.

Credits: The Nation   As Blessing Okoedion stepped onto the podium to receive the 2018 Trafficking in Persons Hero Award in the United States; not many would be able to comprehend the depth of anguish she once put up with as a victim of sex trafficking in Italy.  Betrayed and tricked into prostituting on the […]


Nigerian girls face their traffickers in Paris court

Credits:   A verdict is expected at the end of this month in the trial of 16  members of a mostly female network of Nigerian human traffickers operating forced prostitution rings in France. The traffickers went on trial last week at the High Court of Paris, facing their accusers as the trafficked women testified […]


Dreaming of Europe becomes a nightmare for migrant women

Credits: Radio Canada   “Women and children first.” Relieved to be rescued, women reach out to the rescuer of SOS Mediterranean to get on board of the Zodiac and leave without regret the boat that allowed them to flee Libya. Once safely aboard the Aquarius rescue ship, some of them begin to sing; others fall […]


Edo native doctors revoke curses placed on trafficked victims

Credits: Daily Post   The Benin monarch, Oba Ewuare II, on Friday forced the native doctors in Edo state to revoke the curses and oaths placed on the trafficked victims of human trafficking in the state. Many victims of human trafficking are usually made to swear to oaths and some of their body parts collected […]