A Failed Journey on the African Migrant Trail

Credits: Sascha Montag / Der Spiegel   Four days and 15 hours before Majid Diallo will return to his village in northern Guinea and destroy the dreams dreamt by others, before he will tell his mother that he won’t be building her a house, that he won’t be able to gift the village a school, before […]


In Niger, agricultural training as an alternative to school

Credits: Marie Maurel   Their faces are white with the dust of Harmattan. They are serious and taciturn. Youssoufa Yaou and Samaïla Djimraou, respectively 15 and 16 years old, are sons of farmers like 80% of Nigeriens. They have just completed their training at the Integrated Agricultural Training Site (SIFA) in Lokoko in the Dosso […]


Djiby: “We must develop projects in Africa and stop dreaming of Europe”

Credits: Djiby Dia   At 24, Djiby Dia left everything to try to reach Europe. After a month the journet of the Senegalese stops in a detention center in Libya. Back in his country, the young man tries through his songs to discourage other migrants to leave.   The trip from Senegal to Libya lasted […]


Libyan path to Europe turns into dead end for desperate migrants

Credits: Francesco Semprini / La Stampa   In the humanitarian horror that Libya has become, the migrant detention centre at Abu Salim is by no means the worst. Migrant centres in this country, packed with thousands of people seized on the trafficking routes that criss-cross Libya, have become renowned for forced labour, beatings, torture and rape.   […]


The desert of Ténéré: A cemetery for migrants

@Picture alliance/dpa/D.Von Trotha Along migrants’ routes, there would be three times as many deaths in the desert as in the Mediterranean. Some fall from trucks, others are abandoned by smugglers. Candidates for immigration cross this region to go to Libya and reach the Mediterranean and then Europe. But on the road, many are abandoned by […]