Credits: The Nation Nigeria


A young entrepreneur, Omolola Olowu, has always had an interest in technology and phones based on her belief that they are the most impactful on humanity. According to her, almost everybody use them, and phones make up the single biggest market today. Olowu’s dream was to set up a business, selling phone accessories. She started in 2011 as an undergraduate in school.

She recalled: “It started back in school during the BlackBerry trend, I’m a phone freak and most students are as well. So, I helped a lot of them then with buying a United Kingdom (UK)-used phone and helping them sell their current phone to upgrade to trendy ones. This made me some cash. Then I decided to use that cash to start a business I can maintain with little capital. so, I decided to start an accessories business. I realized we had a challenge with electricity in school and smartphones had short battery life, then I thought what good is a smartphone if the battery can’t get you through the day? This made me look at how to solve the low battery issue. I started the power bank business, which is what I major in till date.”


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