Credits: Reuters


On October 22, a 28-year-old Somali man set himself on fire in the Tariq Al Sikka detention center in Tripoli. A gesture of absolute despair occurred when the man was to be evacuated from the country next month. He did not know it. A few months earlier, he had tried to cross the Mediterranean to reach Europe but was intercepted by Libyan coastguards. The death of this young man illustrates the desperation of thousands of migrants still locked up in detention centers in Libya.

In the center of Al Furahji Sebaa, in Tripoli, where some 330 people are imprisoned, including 56 minors, the migrants sometimes receive no food. According to Giulia Tranchina, a human rights lawyer who contacted several Eritreans in the center, the detainees remained one week without food. The guards said they could not afford to feed them.



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