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“I want to do business in poultry farming. I already have the skills, but no funds. I am very proud because I didn’t know where to find the partners, but thanks to this event, I now have the information I needed. I think I will have the funds to start my business” says Isabelle Zougmoré.

Isabelle is one of 750 youths who were trained in entrepreneurship and business management as part of the project Youth, Employment and Migration implemented by IOM in the Centre-East region of Burkina Faso. The Centre-East is the region in Burkina Faso most affected by irregular migration.

Facing unemployment and poverty, many youths who are “bras valides” (able arms) from the Centre-East opt to migrate, often risking their lives for a chance at better economic opportunities for themselves and their families. In 2018, 56 per cent of migrants assisted with voluntary return to Burkina Faso came from this region. 

To reduce this phenomenon, 750 youths from the region were trained in entrepreneurship and small business management in various areas, including farming, agriculture, trade and crafts. However, only half of them (375) received funding to realize their activities through the project. To help the remaining trainees raise the necessary funds, IOM organized an Entrepreneurship and Networking Day event on 27 July 2019 aiming at connecting youths with financial institutions likely to support their projects.

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