Credits: Nadia Yakine


*For security reasons, InfoMigrants does not mention the true name of Mariam, the exact city she lives in, or her nationality.


"My name is Mariam, I am 17 years old and I am from West Africa. I arrived last year in Libya with my 6-year-old sister. I was first in a connection house [place where migrants are parked waiting to pay a smuggler, editor's note] for a few months.

One day, a 40-year-old Libyan came to the place and ordered me to follow him. For nine months, I have been his sex slave. Every night he abuses of me and forces me to do things to him. I can not tell you more because it's too disgusting.

Fortunately, my little sister has been spared this hell, but she is traumatized by this situation: she speaks alone and has nightmares every night. I have nightmares too, I see men raping me. There is another woman with us. She is also raped every night by a friend of the man who kidnapped us.

If we refuse, they hit us. I'm afraid that one day they will kill us. They give us only one meal a day: bread and salted water.

The man tells us that we will soon move to Europe but nothing happens. Why are we being subjected to this? We did not do anything, we are treated like animals when we just wanted to have a better life. I'm only 17 years old!

We cannot escape, we do not know anyone in Libya. If I run away, where will I go? Who can I contact? Nobody. "


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