Gambia: Former migrants travel across the country by bus to fight irregular migration

Credits: RFI/Claire Bargeles   In The Gambia, a group of former migrants repatriated from Libya last year decided to take action against the mass departure of young people from the country. They set up an association to share their experiences and discourage candidates from the routes of irregular migration to Italy.   And to reach young […]


Libyan path to Europe turns into dead end for desperate migrants

Credits: Francesco Semprini / La Stampa   In the humanitarian horror that Libya has become, the migrant detention centre at Abu Salim is by no means the worst. Migrant centres in this country, packed with thousands of people seized on the trafficking routes that criss-cross Libya, have become renowned for forced labour, beatings, torture and rape.   […]


Gambians returned from the Libyan hell want to discourage dangerous journey towards Europe

Crédits : MAHMUD TURKIA/AFP Two migrants repatriated after many difficult years on the continent have created an association to raise awareness and to demand for more job opportunities. After being stripped of his clothes, beaten, enslaved and finally sent back to Gambia, Karamo Keïta is sure that nobody should live the hell he experienced in […]