The migration of Egyptians across Libya

Credits: Ashraq Al-Awsat   Asharq Al-Awsat is investigating its causes and tracking smuggling routes and their dangers   Unemployment, difficult economic conditions and the search for a better life are driving hundreds of young Egyptians into irregular migration through the Libyan desert, risking their lives in the desert. Asharq Al-Awsat, which sought to trace the […]


Migrants in Egypt: do you need assistance?

Bosla is an information website detailing services made available for you, with a directory of organizations and online referral guide for services provided in Egypt. Source:  Bosla Egypt


Egypt: “Crossroads” a multimedia project about migration

Made in 2014 “Crossroads” is a multimedia project ( and documentary film designed to explore experiences of migrants moving in mixed and complex flows to, from and through Egypt, displaying the broad spectrum of diverse migration realities. The 30 minute documentary film presents the stories of six migrants.The project is a product of MMTF-NOAH, the Mixed […]


Egypt: Parliament approved an anti-human smuggling law

The Egyptian Parliament has approved a new anti-human smuggling law safeguarding the rights and addressing the needs of smuggled migrants. On October 17, 2016, the Egyptian People’s Assembly passed an anti-human trafficking law and sent it to Egypt’s President for his signature. The law passed by a huge majority of 402 votes. Once the law […]

foto Young liberian woman

Those Africans who choose to stay

It is not unusual that among the migrants who risk their lives to cross the desert and the sea there are young graduates and highly skilled professionals. A real human wealth that leaves the continent. Some others decided to stay in Africa and build their future in the midst of their people.