Côte d’Ivoire


Ivorian and African artists to engage in the fight against illegal youth migration

Credits: Abidjan.net by Marc Atigan   Ivorian and African artists were called on Saturday to engage in the fight against illegal migration of young people. During a press briefing on the sidelines of the Abidjan-Anoumabo Urban Music Festival (FEMUA) in Abidjan, its Commissioner General Salif Traoré mentioned the need for every artist on the continent […]


Irregular Migration: Migrants reception centre in Abidjan to raise awareness in Williamsville

Credits: Ministères par DR   Religious and community leaders, youth and women’s associations in the Williamsville area of Adjamé commune have listened carefully to the advice of the Centre for Reception, Information, Orientation and Support of Coastal Migrants of Ivory Coast (CAIOAM-CI).   Indeed on Tuesday, April 10, the space “Téré de Williamsville”  hosted an […]


Libyan path to Europe turns into dead end for desperate migrants

Credits: Francesco Semprini / La Stampa   In the humanitarian horror that Libya has become, the migrant detention centre at Abu Salim is by no means the worst. Migrant centres in this country, packed with thousands of people seized on the trafficking routes that criss-cross Libya, have become renowned for forced labour, beatings, torture and rape.   […]


They can’t sail for Europe – so what’s happening to migrants trapped in Libya?

Credits: Migrants walk towards a detention centre near the Libyan coastal town of Garabulli in July 2017 (AFP)   The Surman detention centre, home to hundreds of desperate refugees, is nothing more than a concrete block. It sits near a secondary road in western Libya, some 60 kilometres from Tripoli and close to Sabrata and […]


AFRICAN HOPES: Chalkboard, the e-learning app that works without internet

Crédits : Adrien Bouillot / LeMonde They created an e-learning app in Africa. Until now, there is nothing new. They created an e-learning app in Africa that works without Internet connection and not necessarily to be used on a smartphone: Much more interesting! On a continent where the price of Internet connection is exorbitant in […]