News archive: August 2016

Algeria: a young Rocker sings the refusal to leave

In North Africa, a lot of songs, popular among young people, speak about the reasons of the emigration. A young Kabyle Rocker chooses the opposite theme: “No, I do not want to go” – he said in his song, recording a great success among the public on Internet.


Sahel: trafficking children, the most obscure part of irregular migration

© AFP PHOTO/FAROUK BATICHE Thousands of children leave Sahel countries for North Africa and the Persian Gulf. They often face exploitation and abuse along this long and dangerous journey. The suffering of  trafficked children represents one of the darkest aspects of migration in the recent decades. The tragedy of 34 migrants who were found dead […]


Libya: detail of abuse on migrants

Poverty, persecution and conflict are among the reasons refugees were forced to flee their homelands. By the time they had another more urgent motive: escape from Libya.