"Too many threats, too many tortures!"

The story of Déjeuna

Déjeuna is 28 She tried to cross the sea between Morocco and Spain. She witnessed the death of her best friend. She tried the route through Libya and says she regretted having done so. “Too many threats, too many tortures!” she says.



Egypt: “Crossroads” a multimedia project about migration

Made in 2014 “Crossroads” is a multimedia project ( and documentary film designed to explore experiences of migrants moving in mixed and complex flows to, from and through Egypt, displaying the broad spectrum of diverse migration realities. The 30 minute documentary film presents the stories of six migrants.The project is a product of MMTF-NOAH, the Mixed […]


African migrants endure tough journey

Every day African migrants embark on a difficult journey with an uncertain outcome. With little opportunity at home, their hope is to find work in Europe. But the risks are many and the chances for success few. DW takes a look at the difficult trek. Read more and watch the video on DW; African migrants endure […]

foto Young liberian woman

Those Africans who choose to stay

It is not unusual that among the migrants who risk their lives to cross the desert and the sea there are young graduates and highly skilled professionals. A real human wealth that leaves the continent. Some others decided to stay in Africa and build their future in the midst of their people.


African youth invents the cities of tomorrow

Between huge chaotic cities and “silicon villages” the African youth is doing its best to build a better future, says the Franco-Togolese journalist Ayoko Mensah to the official website of the UNESCO.


The suffering of migrants in Cameroon

Unemployment, malnutrition and xenophobia are some of the problems migrants from the Central African Republic, Nigeria and Chad face every day in Cameroon.