Crédits : Adrien Bouillot / LeMonde

They created an e-learning app in Africa. Until now, there is nothing new. They created an e-learning app in Africa that works without Internet connection and not necessarily to be used on a smartphone: Much more interesting! On a continent where the price of Internet connection is exorbitant in relation to the standards of living, innovation projects that make it possible to bypass the Internet inevitably attract attention. “They” refers to the Chalkboard Education team (the app has the same name), a start-up based in Ghana and recently present also in the Ivory Coast.


“There will be a minimum of 150 million young people to be trained in Africa in the next five years. In today’s conditions (infrastructures, human resources), it is impossible. Thousands of them will necessarily be left high and dry. Therefore, there is the urgent need of finding new ways of education and training for the different professions.And the e-learning helps to meet this need,” explains Adrien Bouillot, creator and co-founder of Chalkboard.


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