Tales from Libya, where wages of illegal entry, for dark skin is death

Another aircraft-load of Nigerians returned from Libya last Tuesday with stories that welled up tears from the eyes of many. 


Returnees from Libya. Photo: The Guardian of Nigeria

Chinedu Kalu was still in shocks. Fatigue pumped through his veins even as his mind was on the alert, probably working overtime too. He was conscious of every move around him; more like a throwback of his last days in Libya. All repeatedly played in his head- the bullet that ripped open his roommate’s skull before his eyes and the inferno that consumed everything he worked for in three years.

Seated on the long metal bench at the Hajj Camp section of the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA), Lagos, Chinedu could only look on with seeming lack of interest.

Even as his fellow deportees clawed as the packed jollof rice, plantain and chicken to douse their famished soul, he watched in misery. Nothing was appealing. All was lost and the future clouded in uncertainty, if not hopelessness.

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