Senegal; the hard life of women left behind by migrants

©Photo: Laura Dean for the Globe&Mail African migrants often depend on women and families to make their journeys possible – and as more die in the sea crossings, many question whether sending breadwinners to Europe is worth risking their lives. Senegal is consistently among the top-10 countries of origin of migrants arriving in Italy, despite the fact that, […]


Migrant life in Libya: Beaten, kidnapped, sold

Almost all of the hundreds of thousands of migrants who try to cross from North Africa to Europe take the perilous route through Libya. Most journeys, and dreams, are thwarted in the Libyan oasis town of Sabha, which has become a new kind of hell for migrants.


African migrants endure tough journey

Every day African migrants embark on a difficult journey with an uncertain outcome. With little opportunity at home, their hope is to find work in Europe. But the risks are many and the chances for success few. DW takes a look at the difficult trek. Read more and watch the video on DW; African migrants endure […]