"Of seven boats only three succeed, the other died"

The story of Bright

Bright, 26 years old. He says: “Of the seven boats we were put on, only three succeed, the other died.” He asks: How can you allow your brother to come and live what we lived in the sea?

"He wanted to shoot me"

The story of Jessica

Jessica is 21. She is a young woman from Equatorial Africa. Like many others, she sought to reach Europe via Libya. But in the north African country she has lived through hell. Jessica tells an episode of this ordeal.



Innovative Africa: Community active

Woelab in Lome, Togo. Wecycle, in Lagos, Nigeria. RLabs in Cape Town, South Africa. Three initiatives of three african young people, who chhosed to stay and resolve the problems of their society. Source: Aljazzera doc: Innovative Africa


Egypt: “Crossroads” a multimedia project about migration

Made in 2014 “Crossroads” is a multimedia project ( and documentary film designed to explore experiences of migrants moving in mixed and complex flows to, from and through Egypt, displaying the broad spectrum of diverse migration realities. The 30 minute documentary film presents the stories of six migrants.The project is a product of MMTF-NOAH, the Mixed […]