Africa, new technologies and creativity

an Italian journalist, tells us of an African continent that, despite the difficulties, is looking for innovative solutions to meet the challenges of the third millennium.


Senegal; the hard life of women left behind by migrants

©Photo: Laura Dean for the Globe&Mail African migrants often depend on women and families to make their journeys possible – and as more die in the sea crossings, many question whether sending breadwinners to Europe is worth risking their lives. Senegal is consistently among the top-10 countries of origin of migrants arriving in Italy, despite the fact that, […]


Mediterranean rescue as 30 drown

At least 30 migrants, some of them young children, have drowned after falling into the sea off the Libyan coast, Italy’s coastguard says.


Migrant life in Libya: Beaten, kidnapped, sold

Almost all of the hundreds of thousands of migrants who try to cross from North Africa to Europe take the perilous route through Libya. Most journeys, and dreams, are thwarted in the Libyan oasis town of Sabha, which has become a new kind of hell for migrants.


Reintegration Projects for West African Migrants

 Photo: IOM Niger – IOM Niger is launching 20 community-based reintegration projects for over 3,000 returning migrants in five of the primary countries of origin – Senegal, Guinea Bissau, Mali, Guinea Conakry and Cameroon – with support from the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa and as part of the Migrant Response and Resource Mechanism […]


Gambia: 140 migrants repatriated from Libya

Gambia`s Interior Minister Mai Ahmad Fatty, announced that 140 Gambians have been voluntarily repatriated to Banjul, following an appeal they made to the government.

Des Ivoiriens rapatriés de Libye arrivent à l'aéroport d'Abidjan le 24 novembre 2015. © AFP/Sia Kambou

Ivorians are in 4th place among migrants on the central Mediterranean route

ارتفع عدد من مواطيني ساحل العاج الذين يحاولون الهجرة إلى إيطاليا عن طريق ليبيا بشكل كبير في السنوات الأخيرة. ضاهرة غريبة لهذا البلد الذي بدوره يجذب عددا كبيرا من المهاجرين من دول الجوار

caporo rail

I would never have embarked on this adventure

His name is Ibrahim Sow, a.k.a. Mandy Kaporo-rails. From the beaches of Conakry where he used to make rap video-clips to the hot-spot center in Lampedusa, he spent 14 months traveling towards his final goal: Europe.


South Africa: 72 abused migrants rescued

70 migrant workers who are victims of cross-border human trafficking have been rescued from a KwaZulu-Natal factory where they worked for very low wages


Ghana: a program recruiting entrepreneurs from all Africa

The Accra-based Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST) has opened applications to entrepreneurs in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and Ivory Coast to join its entrepreneurship programme and stand the chance of gaining funding of up to US$100,000. The latest MEST programme will begin in Accra in August, and will be the most pan-African yet after it […]


Migrants in the Libyan limbo

What we discovered in Libya were hundreds of people being held in camps, waiting, hoping for a better life. Some were so thin that bones were sticking out of their backs.


African migrants endure tough journey

Every day African migrants embark on a difficult journey with an uncertain outcome. With little opportunity at home, their hope is to find work in Europe. But the risks are many and the chances for success few. DW takes a look at the difficult trek. Read more and watch the video on DW; African migrants endure […]


Egypt: Parliament approved an anti-human smuggling law

The Egyptian Parliament has approved a new anti-human smuggling law safeguarding the rights and addressing the needs of smuggled migrants. On October 17, 2016, the Egyptian People’s Assembly passed an anti-human trafficking law and sent it to Egypt’s President for his signature. The law passed by a huge majority of 402 votes. Once the law […]


African hopes: Lagos, Nigeria, Bilikiss Adebiyi and her WeCyclers

Bilikiss Adebiyi is an inspiring Nigerian social entrepreneur and founder of  WeCyclers. Her company offers waste collection and recycling services to the Lagos informal settlements, where an estimated 66% of Lagosians live. As a part of the process, residents are offered an incentive for collecting their household waste which is picked up for free by Wecyclers using […]

Il Centro Polifunzionale della Croce Rossa 'Fenoglio' di Settimo Torinese per i richiedenti asilo e l'accoglienza dei migranti, Torino, 11 novembre 2016. ANSA/ ALESSANDRO DI MARCO

Italy: 175,000 migrants in regional centres

Foto ANSA/ ALESSANDRO DI MARCO (ANSA) – Rome, January 3 – Italy currently has 175,485 migrants in temporary accommodation, hot spots, first-reception centres and asylum seeker and refugee centres (SPRARs), according to the latest data from the interior ministry. There are 14,669 migrants in first-reception centre, which are present in only seven regions, the largest […]


African hopes: Accra, how making charcoal from human Waste can resolve two major problems

Sanitation and cooking fuels are two of Africa’s biggest problems. Many of Africa’s big cities have a bad reputation for poor waste management. Due to unregulated dumps and improper drainage and sewage systems, collected human waste is most often dumped into the sea. On the other hand, cooking fuels are also a major handicap for many Africans. Due […]


Germany: record of migrants leaving voluntarily

A flight from Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden takes Kosovo migrants home (AFP) A real record.  55,000 migrants left Germany voluntarily this year. This number is more than double of the number of those who where repatriated by force. Most of the migrants went back to Eastern Europe: Albania, Serbia, Kosovo… Countries for which the right to asylum is not guaranteed. […]

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Libya a dead end for migrants

Migration has soared in Libya, a country in utter chaos since the fall of its leader Muammar Gaddafi five years ago. Hundreds of thousands of women, children and men have fled war and poverty.


In the ghettos of the migrants in Agadez

Dans la ville d’Agadez, au Niger, les destins des candidats à la migration se croisent. Il y a ceux qui y croient encore et veulent tenter l’aventure et ceux qui retournent la tête basse, blessés, fatigués, vaincus par les mille difficultés d’un voyage sans pitié.


Migrant Slave Market in Libya

In 2000, more than 600 African migrants were killed at the hands of Libyan mobs shouting “blacks must go.”


African hopes: Ghana, Winnifred  Selby and her bambou bicycles

One of the main problems the poorest of Africa are facing is the question of mobility. Winnifred Selby, a young Ghanaian entrepreneur wanted to cope with the issue of transport with an intelligent, sustainable, ecological and economic solution.

foto Young liberian woman

Those Africans who choose to stay

It is not unusual that among the migrants who risk their lives to cross the desert and the sea there are young graduates and highly skilled professionals. A real human wealth that leaves the continent. Some others decided to stay in Africa and build their future in the midst of their people.


Senegal: Because of migration, many areas are without young men

Detail of a photography by Mikal McAllister Thousands of Senegalese men set off for Europe each year, risking their lives on treacherous journeys through the Sahara desert and across the Mediterranean sea. Most fail. Many die. Senegal is among the top 10 countries of origin for migrants arriving in Italy this year, the International Organization […]


African youth invents the cities of tomorrow

Between huge chaotic cities and “silicon villages” the African youth is doing its best to build a better future, says the Franco-Togolese journalist Ayoko Mensah to the official website of the UNESCO.


IOM: More migrants are opting to return home

Many migrants are opting to return voluntarily to their home countries, rather than staying in host countries as migrants. Around 100,000 people may leave host countries by the end of 2016.


Walls and fences on the borders of the world

Many European countries faced with the growing migrant flow are building walls and fences to “secure their borders”. But it seems the need for walls is spreading all over the world.