News archive: June 2016

The suffering of migrants in Cameroon

Unemployment, malnutrition and xenophobia are some of the problems migrants from the Central African Republic, Nigeria and Chad face every day in Cameroon.


Algeria, new riots against African migrants

In Bechar, Algeria, thousands of people were out in the streets on Friday, March 25, to hunt for Sub-Saharan migrants. One hundred migrants were wounded and many others fled the city.


Italy-Senegal: a project about return migration

The “Back to Senegal” project is linked to the “ٌRitorno Consapevole” website that tells stories of circular migration, return projects and reintegration into the society of origin.

Cut-ghana-stop-human trafficking

Ghana needs you alive. Stop irregular migration!

Young people from Western Africa are among the most numerous within the crowd of people attempting to migrate by sea to Europe. Many times that travel turns to a tragedy and the dream to a nightmare. Therefore, some grassroots organizations and NGOs are promoting awareness.